The Hard Questions To Ask Denver Painters

 <a target=Denver Painters" />Painting interiors and exteriors is a specialized field. There is also a bit of art and artistry involved in any painting job. Painting is a business and there are some tough questions that Denver painters should have ready answers to before you hire them. Getting satisfactory answers to the tough questions makes the painting job go easier for the customer and the painter.

The tough ones

How long will the job take?

The time will depend on the size of the job and the extent of preparation if needed. A definite completion date must be stated. The defined completion date allows the customer to deal with relocation if needed, moving plans, and pet housing. A firm date gives a client the impression that the painter is interested in the client’s convenience.

How do you handle the unexpected?

Preparation for a painting job can mean the discovery of unexpected and costly repair work. Some Denver painters do restoration and carpentry. The customer needs to know how unexpected work is handled. The ideal situation is that the client is immediately informed and plans are made to deal with the problem with the painter. No client recommends a painter that adds repair costs without telling the client first.

Environmental concerns

Denver is a lovely natural setting. There are many laws that attempt to keep the area clean and natural. The client must know how waste paint, spills, and accidental contamination will be dealt with by the painter. While such contamination is rare, the customer will share some of the environmental responsibility for the problem.

An additional environmental concern is the type of paint being used. There are many modern paints that do not pollute the air. The paint does not present a hazard to the health of pets. The special needs for health of people and animals need to be completely agreed on before work begins.


All Denver painters can give a client a list of happy satisfied customers. The question that you need to ask is if the company will provide contact with customers who were not satisfied. Ask the unsatisfied customer what the company did to make things right.

A company that goes the extra mile to correct mistakes or simply satisfy a customer is the best choice. A company that does not charge any more to fix a mistake is the company that you really want to do the job for you.

Do they listen to you?

People can tell if someone is listening to them or not. You want to be certain that your painter is really listening to what you say and hearing what you want. You will be spending a good bit of money for the job so knowing that you have an understanding saves money. Listening builds trust.

Extras to look for

Time in Denver

This is really academic. A company that has been in the area for a long time is a better choice. Simple economics says that a company that does poor work could not have survived for 15 or 20 years due to competition.

Local Awards

Look around and see if the painters that you are considering have received local awards for their work. The awards could be for work on painting and restoration of historical buildings or work for a charity that the company did for free. The idea here is that you cannot buy local praise. It is also a great idea to check what social media says about the painter and not just the painter’s web page or social media page.

Asking tough questions and getting straight answers creates a relationship. The customer gets exactly what they want. The painter gets recommendations. Everyone benefits.


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