History is often buried under many layers, and much effort must go into uncovering it. So, too, with historic architecture. Homes often look most appealing when restored back to their natural state, with beautiful, strong brick upholding the exterior of a structure. But years of people "updating" with paint often hides the original material. Denver Historic Restoration Lead paint removal is a process that is made easy with Peel Away 1, a product developed by Dumond Chemicals to safely remove lead paint and restore brick to its natural state. Peel Away 1 is a thick alkaline paste which is applied by the contractor through spreading or spraying onto the surface. It is covered with a fibrous laminated cover, allowing the paste to remove paint. Upon removal of the paste, up to 32 layers of paint will be stripped from the wall. Historic Restoration Denver There are many benefits in using Peel Away 1 for restoration and architectural projects in your home or business, including:
  • It is the safest method of lead paint removal because the process keeps the paint wet or damp, preventing lead dust in the air.
  • The lime in Peel Away 1 will stabilize lead, taking it out of a hazardous waste category in disposal.
  • There are no fumes or flammable solvents.
  • It has little odor.
  • Only one application is required.
  • The brick is not damaged during lead paint removal.
Denver Historic Brick Restoration Another related product is Peel Away 7, which works in a similar fashion to Peel Away 1 but is used in a different application. It removes oil and latex paints and almost all chemically-resistant coatings. It can be used to revitalize a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, steel, graphite, brick, stone, plaster and fiberglass. Some advantages to Peel Away 7 include:
  • It is environmentally safe.
  • Wood keeps its natural color after stripping.
  • It can be used on interior or exterior surfaces.
  • It has little odor.
  • Only one application is required.
Peel Away 7 is recommended for intricately-designed surfaces, as well as exterior wood siding, as it does not create moisture on the surface. Your brick exterior does not have to be hidden by layers of peeling paint any longer. Manufacturers are constantly developing more products to safely and effectively allow the natural – and original – beauty of your home to shine once more. At DOWD RESTORATION, we know that you have a lot of choices when selecting a professional painting contractor for your Denver home restoration project. We provide the highest quality service from start to finish. Call Us – 303-522-8730