Interior Matte Wall Paint

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Interior Matte Wall Paint

There is no shortage of paints on the market in different colors and finishes. There are so many that you could lose hours trying to find the right color and finish. It really can be quite daunting to find the correct paint if you don't have an idea of what you are looking for beforehand.

Thankfully, many paint stores offer not only a broad color pallet to help you choose the right shade for your home but different finishes as well that can suit your needs or design, ensuring that you have the right finish for your space.

But how do you know which paint company can offer the best products? Thankfully, we know of one paint company in particular that provides some of the very best in terms of quality and service in the paint industry, leaving you to get down to the task of painting instead of worrying out which shade and finish to find.

What are some companies that offer interior matte wall paint?

Fine Paints of Europe is one of the very best in the industry. In 1987, Fine Paints of Europe introduced Dutch enamels to America, and have been presenting homeowners with practical, beautiful, cost-effective alternatives to conventional domestic paints.

Because of the high standards and fine ingredients used in all of our matte wall paints, we have established the Netherlands as one of the worldwide leaders in coatings. We specialize in cost effective paint because customers understand that there is nothing more expensive than cheap paint.

Fine Paints of Europe offers a plethora of paints:

  • Housepaint – Eurolux Housepaint
  • Eurolux Acrylic Paints – Interior Matte, Interior Flat, Interior Satin, and Interior Gloss
  • Eco Waterborne Paints – Eco Brilliant and Eco Satin in both interior or exterior
  • Hollandlac Traditional Oil Paints – Brilliant 98, Satin and Eggshell
  • Sign Enamel – Sign Enamel Brilliant, Satin and New Sign Enamel Satin
  • Matte Oil Wallpaint
  • The Dutch Door Kit

We offer several paints, primers, and varnishes as well:

  • Primers and undercoats
  • Paints
  • Varnishes
  • Wilhelmina Mints
  • Mineral Spirits
  • Basic Paint Systems
  • Fine Paints of Europe DVD

Fine Paints of Europe provides not only the highest quality materials and products but exemplary service as well. We pride ourselves on delivering the very best and highest quality paints and varnishes that can be had on the market today.

Is flat and matte paint the same thing?

Flat and matte are generally considered to be the same thing. Typically referred to as flat, this refers to when the paint has little or no sheen to it, though sheen is a good indicator of stain resistance and how washable a coat of paint is.

There are also satin paints, which tends to be a bit more forgiving of holes and patches than something with more sheen may be. If you can see yourself doing a lot of hanging or decorating of your walls, going with a satin finish may hold up better in the long run, meaning you have to repaint far less often.

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