Denver Wood fences are gorgeous when new, but extended exposure to the buildup of dirt and mold cause unappealing graying and loss of natural lustre. The good news is that with a work plan and an investment of time you can refinish your wood to a brand-new appearance. Here's how to restore an old Denver wood fence.

Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1 -

Begin the refinishing process when there is no rain in the forecast for several days. This will allow your newly stained and sealed fence to dry thoroughly.

Fence Refinishing Staining Denver COStep 2 -

Clean the fence with a pressure washer. Depending on the extent of discoloration and presence of mold and fungi, you may need to use a chemical wash. The pressure washer will remove the thin layer of wood cells that gives your wood an aged look.

Step 3 -

Repair broken or splintered fence posts with wood glue and corrosion resistant nails or screws. You may need to replace some pieces of wood, so if you aren't sure what your fence is made of, take a small sample with you to the wood supplier.

Step 4 -

Cover the ground below the fence before staining. Use newspaper or plastic to cover grass and plants that grow along the fence line. You may also want to place painter's tape over metal gate hardware and accents to avoid exposure to stain.

Step 5 -

Apply stain to the fence using a paint roller and smaller brush for nooks and crannies. Use a stain that contains a sealant and UV inhibitors to protect the wood from sun and water damage.

Step 6 -

Prolong your fence's life by cleaning and refinishing the wood regularly. Your fence will look better and you'll save money in the long run.

Tips & Warnings

- Allow your Denver fence to dry completely after washing before applying stain. Sealing in moisture will speed up processes that age and damage your wood.

- Apply stain in the direction of the wood grain for best results. Wipe any dust and debris from the fence to ensure proper adhesion and absorption.

- If you use a chemical wash on your fence, exercise extreme caution and follow the manufacturer's instructions for use. Acid-based washes are particularly toxic and are best handled by professionals with special equipment and protective gear.

BEST TIP - Use an experienced professional to get a great fence refinishing job first time out.  If you are in the greater Denver area, remember us - Dowd Restoration.

Source: eHow


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