Spending too much money is the biggest fear when it comes to a home remodel. Even if you follow your original plan and budget, there are always nasty surprises that can bust your budget! So what is the answer? Do you not get those stainless steel appliances for your new kitchen? No, what you need to do is get your custom remodel at a price you can afford. And not by cutting corners, either. With some careful planning in your design and materials you can reduce costs without cutting corners. Here are some ideas; Remodel You Home If you can reorganize furniture and appliances to maximum the existing space, you may not need to knockout the walls to gain square footage. You can start by replacing unnecessary shelves with drawers that pull out. You can spend several hundreds of dollars outfitting cabinets with dividers, pull–out trays, and lazy susans, but you would spend thousands on the demolition and rebuild thought you needed. Remodel Home Before you spend a small fortune cutting a big hole in the side of your house and rebuilding the framing, consider other less costly ways of capturing light. For example you can light up a windowless bathroom or hallway by installing a light tube which slips between roof rafters to funnel natural sunlight into rooms. You also may not need that expensive recessed lighting. In addition to the cost of the fixtures, there's the high cost of labor to cut all the holes and to insulate them. A wall or ceiling mount light can deliver more wattage which reduces the number of fixtures you will need. Demolition may not be nearly as costly as rebuilding, doing this part yourself will save you thousands of dollars on your remodel project. However you should use extreme caution. You don't want to take out a load bearing wall or run your sawsall through live electrical wiring or a pressurized water pipe. Home Remodeling These are a few ideas to save on your remodeling project. At DOWD RESTORATION we understand that a quality end result when Remodeling your home is of high importance to you. We believe that it is the little things that can make a BIG difference in your overall satisfaction. Call us for a an estimate on your next Remodeling Project! 303-522-8730