Denver Home AdditionsAs much as possible a home addition should look like it could have always been there. For example if your house has oversized crown moldings or wide plank floor you'll likely want to repeat those design elements in the new addition. Also, try to match finish materials, such as siding, roofing, trim, windows and doors. However, don't feel as though every single element of your addition has to exactly match the construction of you existing home. Some details are difficult to duplicate, and some are just too expensive to afford. Don't get so caught up in trying to duplicate the original to the structure. You could wind up missing out on modern conveniences and features available today. It's okay if your addition is a perfect match tour original home.
Remodeling Contractor When planning a home addition, you could let your personal creativity and taste lead you in any direction, from modern to retro, back woodsy to sophisticated, complex to simple. However to ensure your home addition looks good, and to get maximum value when it's time to sell, you need to make sure your addition design blends well with your original structure. The secret to tying a new space together with the old is to make the addition slightly simpler than the original home. It is always safer to step down the level of complexity than having it completely distract attention away from the rest of the house. Plainer trim, a metal roof or stucco siding can give the addition the feel of an original wing of the house, or an addition built years ago. Tie things together with paint, light fixtures and other similar cosmetic details. Blending your new addition with the existing house also involves choosing new materials and finishes that closely match what is already in your home. Where to draw the line between the original design and the home additions depends on the nature of your home addition project. If you're knocking down interior walls and creating an open floor plan, mismatched finishes within the space will be hard to hide. Swapping in new details in the adjoining original space will make the transition from old to new nearly seamless. At DOWD RESTORATION we understand that a quality end result when Remodeling your Denver home or business is of high importance to you. We believe that it is the “little” things that can make a BIG difference in your overall satisfaction. Call us for a free estimate on your next Remodeling Project! 303-522-8730