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Historic Home Restoration Repair Those Historic Windows

Homeowners who wish to repair their ancient windows often contact historic house restoration professionals.

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Homeowners who wish to repair their ancient windows often contact historic house restoration professionals. When they begin to renovate an ancient home, this is often the first thing on their to-do list. They claim that the old windows are draughty and difficult to open and close. The truth is that they are accurate. However, replacing old windows with new ones is seldom the best solution, as shown below.

First and foremost, the importance of original windows to the overall appearance of a historic property cannot be overstated. Original historic windows have the proportions and attention to detail the lack of that contemporary window. The nature of the antique glass, with its waves and bubbles, also adds to the home's historic worth. The slim bits of wood between the glass panes have distinct qualities that are appropriate to the historic home's historical period and architecture. Georgian windows, for example, have a distinct profile compared to Greek Revival windows.

In most ancient homes, modern double-glazed windows have quite large aluminum or vinyl components between the panes of glass, which doesn't look good. Your replacement window selections are restricted no matter which century your historic property was constructed in.

Another factor to think about is its energy efficiency. Weatherstripping may be done to practically eliminate draughts when renovating an antique window. For the frigid Denver winters, storm windows may be added, bringing the efficiency near to that of a conventional replacement window. New replacement windows might have a payback time of up to 40–60 years. Restoration of an old window, weather stripping, and storm windows has a substantially shorter payback time. It is just not cost-effective to replace the aged windows.

Restoration has a significant benefit over new in terms of dependability. Old windows that have been repaired are much more dependable than new ones. For example, hundreds of historic houses erected in the 1800s in the Denver region still retain their original windows. They've been in service for over 200 years and are still going strong! On the other hand, the seal between sheets of glass in modern replacement windows will disintegrate in less than 25 years, causing the glass to fog up. Repairing modern windows is difficult. Because replacement components are generally no longer accessible, it is often essential to purchase a whole new window when one breaks. There are a few components for historic windows that are easily accessible. Additionally, most skilled homeowners can replace sash wires, repair broken glass, and/or install weather stripping with ease.

You may be wondering what to do next if you've opted to maintain your antique windows. There are many websites on the internet that can assist you if you are somewhat handy and up to the job. You may locate some useful materials by searching Google for "window repair how to" and "window restoration assistance videos."

DOWD Restoration has expertise in restoring historic architecture to both private homes and commercial sites, from fixing weathered, worn, and broken windows to restoring historic premises. Refurbishing a timeworn, dilapidated, or abused piece of history and restoring it for future generations to enjoy is a very fulfilling job. Allow DOWD Restoration to assist you with your next historic restoration project.

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