Garage Renovation DenverDo you need more space to do man things? Don't need a place to park your car? Convert your garage into a man cave. Renovating your garage is less expensive than building a new addition onto your home and will take a whole lot less time. The first thing you need to decide is how extensive you want your renovation to be. If this room is going to be used all day and night as a living quarters you have a lot more things to do to convert the space (i.e. heating, air conditioning, insulation throughout). However, if you are doing something simpler, such as an area for manly socializing, you can get by with less work.
Denver Man CaveWhen creating a primitive man cave, you can do so with very minimal work if that's all you need. But if you want to make it look like another room inside your home it is going to require more work. If you plan on using any electronics, or if you're putting in a pool table, insulation and HVAC are a must to protect your new toys from extreme temperatures and humidity of our Denver weather. if your garage doesn't already have it. insulating the walls is required to withstand our Denver winters. A detached garage will need considerably more insulation because it won't get the heat or AC from an attached home. If your garage is unfinished, you can simply put up the insulation between the wall studs and close up the insulation by installing drywall. Paint the drywall with your color of choice. If your garage is already finished with drywall.
Denver Garage RenovationWhen you hang your drywall, mark where the studs are, you're going to need this when you hang your flat-screen wall mounts, neon beer signs and basket ball hoop. If your ceiling is unfinished you can add some drywall and paint pretty easily. You will want to install lighting fixtures through the ceiling and a ceiling fan is nice to help circulate air. Just like with the walls, mark where the joists are, so you can hang that neon light over your pool table. Your man cave isn't a man cave without the right paraphernalia. Make it your man cave your own! You might want to leave some tools hanging on the walls or in the corner. You might want to trick the whole place out like a sports bar. Be sure to make it comfortable so there is a place to relax between pool games. A home theater might be something worth investing. And don't forget the kegerator, liquor cabinet, and a wine rack to make the man cave a man cave, not a boy cave. DOWD RESTORATION understands that a quality end result when Remodeling your Denver home or garage is of high importance to you. We believe that it is the “little” things that can make a BIG difference in your overall satisfaction. Call us for a free estimate on your next Remodeling Project! 303-522-8730