Some home improvement projects require a professional, without any other option available. There are few homeowners who are ready to install their own Heating Systems, add on an addition, or pour a foundation. Other projects, such as painting, are more feasibly Do it Yourself projects. After all, who isn’t capable of dabbing a brush in paint? But painting is more difficult than it looks. So, it is with great pleasure that many DIY painters decide that it is now time to hire a painting contractor to take on the job. Let us find out what painting contractors do, how to hire them, and how to negotiate the best price for your Denver painting job.

What is a Painting Contractor?

A Denver Painting Contractor can function as a sub-contractor, under a general contractor, or they may hire themselves out directly to the homeowner. Typically, the painting contractor can be a fairly small operation, such as a sole owner operator, to a large contractor with twenty or thirty painters.

How will you Find a Painting Contractor?

It is sometimes complicated. Denver Painting Contractors tend to be localized to neighborhoods (by this we mean there aren’t any country wide painting contractors). Although most painting contractors focus on Painting, a few perform connected jobs such as plaster fixes, minor drywall work, cut and creating, as well as wallpapering. One other challenging part is getting the painting contractor to show up on time. While this is not typical of every Denver painting contractor, most contractors make it a habit of showing up on time to look at the job, also to later create a complete estimate. We scarcely see this problem from most painters, since the problem is a mix of the good painters getting more jobs plus a high demand for their services. Since it is practically impossible to unearth info about Denver painting contractors on the Internet, the old adage “talk to neighbors” applies here. Many painting contractors display signs on the lawns of houses they are working on, but you find this more with general contractors and siding and replacement windows companies. So, besides the painter’s white panel van out front, you often are not aware of what is going on inside your neighbors’ houses. Denver has several local magazines, and many of them have features on recently renovated houses. These articles will usually list the names and phone numbers for the contractor and sub-contractors, but be warned, these sub-contractors are often very expensive.

What are the Painting Contractor’s Responsibilities?

The majority of Denver Painting Contractors will take on just about any job, from merely painting your window trim to a full-house paint job. In contrast to speaking with a mason, you don't need to know specific lingo. Many Denver Painting Contractors are good at making points clear to the homeowner. Most painting contractors will have formulas they use, using square footage of wall space and ceilings, in addition to linear footage. They'll calculate planning time, along with the “hard costs” regarding primer and paint. The majority of painting contractors will provide you with an estimate, using their work on prior related jobs as reference. These estimates should also be linked directly to the specifics of your job. They are normally reasonable estimates, however the homeowner should compare estimates from several contractors. At DOWD RESTORATION we not only do a great Denver house painting job at a great price, we believe that its the “little” things that can make a BIG difference in your overall satisfaction, whether you are selling your Denver home or plan to live in it for decades to come. Call Us – 303-522-8730