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If you’re a homeowner in the Denver area and are considering a remodeling project in your home, you need to find painting contractors who do more than just paint. You need the expertise of a locally trusted team who can provide professionals to get the job done right. Dowd Restoration is a remodeling contractor known in the Denver residential, commercial, retail and hospitality communities for their excellence in remodeling and restoration. Their objective is to supply remodeling and restoration services to homeowners and professionals alike. 
Dowd Restoration provides the skilled resources, knowledge and experience to restore and remodel residential and commercial projects in a professional manner. Dowd Restoration has the expertise to recreate historic architecture to both private homes and commercial properties.
Denver painting contractors will not always tackle a tenant finish project, however this is another area that Dowd Restoration can handle. It would be difficult to find a better local tenant finish specialist who could complete a large scale commercial project than you will find with Dowd Restoration. Many business owners are too afraid of the risks and hassles that can come with a tenant finish project- and rightly so. If you don’t pick the right professionals, the process can be painstaking. Call the trusted Denver tenant finish and painting contractors at Dowd Restoration at 303-522-8730 to speak with one of their experts who can answer your questions.
As Denver boasts some of the most cherished historical homes in the country, the satisfactory feeling of seeing a beautifully restored historic home is unmatched. If you’re the owner of one of Denver’s prized historic homes, no matter how little or how much of the original work remains, you’ll want to preserve every bit of it. Hiring an experienced historic home restoration company in Denver will deliver a very satisfying finish. Dowd Restoration understands the demands of historic restoration. As professional Denver painting and restoration contractors, they will take great care with your historic home while restoring it.
At Dowd Restoration, they understand that having work done to your home or business if of high importance to you. That’s why they strive for perfection on every project. Their work will provide the beauty and protection that you’re looking for. Dowd Restoration uses the highest quality products to ensure superior application and dependability, and they offer a large variety of decorative coatings, colors, finishes and custom applications for wood and concrete.
When you call Dowd Restoration in Denver, their professional painting contractors can answer your questions and set up a meeting with you to discuss your options. You will enjoy the premium service and craftsmanship that Dowd Restoration has to offer on all of their services, including:
- Wood restoration and repair
- Decks, fences, pergolas, fascia, trim, etc.
- Deck refinishes
- Interior and exterior painting and staining
- Interior and exterior carpentry
- Concrete staining and sealing
- Brick, flagstone, paver and masonry sealing
- Epoxy floor coatings
- Exterior maintenance and scheduled coatings maintenance
- Pressure washing services
- And much, much more
Call Dowd Restoration at 303-522-8730 and let their experts tackle your project.

Reliable and Dependable Denver Painting Contractors

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