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Transform your home from four plain walls to a space where you spend your time, make memories and enjoy company. Create the space you want with Denver’s number one team of painters at Dowd Restoration. The first step to creating your perfect space is preparation. This covers everything from what color you choose to preparing the actual space.
Transforming a living space is about more than just picking out a color. Consider what you’ll be using the space for. Consider where color will work best in each room. As well, consider furnishings, artwork, and carpeting. Most important in consideration is in allowing professionals to come in and provide experienced advice. At Dowd Restoration, their years of experience in the industry have allowed them to work with countless home and business owners, which has resulted in an expertise that is unmatched in the Denver area.
When you call Dowd Restoration, you can rest easy knowing that you’ve made a great choice. Dowd Restoration is an accredited member of the Denver Better Business Bureau, and they understand that having work done to your home is of high importance to you. That’s why so many homeowners before you have trusted their homes to Dowd Restoration, and why you can too. Their growing client base is proof positive that they’ll handle each project in your home with care and integrity.
To transform your home from four blank walls to your dream space, just allow the professionals at Dowd Restoration to open a few cans of paint. Color can be used to change the entire feel of a room. Make a dark and dull space warm and inviting. Change a stark white room into a space that feels luxurious and romantic. Whatever you envision for your space in your Denver home, Dowd Restoration’s team of painters can help you achieve it.
Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed with choosing colors or accents until after you speak with one of the qualified experts at Dowd Restoration. They can help you every step of the way so that you won’t have to worry about missing a step or making a poor color or design decision.
Once you’ve decided to leave your project in the competent hands of a professional, Dowd Restoration is just one phone call away at 303-522-8730. Begin your home’s transformation by speaking with experienced painters who can sit down with you and discuss all of your options and answer your questions. 
Whether you’re considering interior or exterior painting, you’ll want a team of painters that bring as much experience to the table as possible. Dowd Restoration understands that a good prep and high quality products will deliver outstanding and long-term results. They do not believe in cutting corners. Dowd Restoration is one of the Denver areas’s best in interior and exterior painting, deck refinishing, epoxy coatings, sealers and specialty coatings. Give them a call at 303-522-8730 to give them an opportunity to bid on your next painting project.
Denver Painters

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To paint the exterior of your home could significantly enhance its aesthetic appeal. Exterior painting also can influence the structural stability of the home and add to its resale worth. You will find a selection of reasons to use a painting contractor for exterior painting projects. Professional Denver painters have the experience and abilities required to complete projects effectively and efficiently. Professional painters take the guesswork out of painting projects. This ...

The Hard Questions To Ask Denver Painters

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Tips For Choosing the Right Denver Painters

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