Denver Kitchen Remodeling

The living room is no longer the most used space in average American homes. That honor now goes to the kitchen. Isn’t it time you upgraded yours? Call Dowd Restoration at 303-522-8730. We are the leading Denver kitchen remodeling experts and we can help you through the entire process, from design to construction.   

A remodeling contractor from Denver with expertise in kitchen remodeling can help make your dream kitchen a reality. The best kitchen remodeling contractor listens to your ideas and make useful suggestions. The result is a tastefully designed kitchen that is more spacious and functional for your needs. You can even hire a kitchen remodeling contractor to transform a room in your house into a kitchen. These tips should help you pick the right company to remodel your kitchen:
1. Look for a renowned and skilled contractor.
A good remodeling contractor must be locally known in Denver's commercial, residential, hospitality, and retail communities for doing a good job in remodeling and restoration. Professional contractors have the skills, resources, experience, and knowledge to remodel your kitchen in a timely manner as possible. 
2. Look for accreditation.
The kitchen remodeling contractor must be accredited by the Denver Better Business Bureau. Accredited businesses comply with industry standards to offer the best service to their customers. Dowd Restoration is a Denver kitchen remodeling contractor and a member of the local BBB. Consider a contractor that is a member of the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA). Be sure to verify the contractor's status with the BBB and PDCA to make sure that their membership is up to date.
3. Choose someone who is certified in lead based paint removal.
This is important especially if you have an older house that used lead-based paint. Dowd Restoration is certified by the EPA to remove lead-based paint. Hire us to remodel our kitchen, so you can be sure of safer standards and methods in removing lead-based paint in your home.
Get started with your kitchen remodeling project by requesting an estimate through this website. You may call 303-522-8730 if you personally want to speak with one of our contractors about your project.

Top Quality Denver Kitchen Remodeling

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