With the never-ending shove and hurry of life in Denver and all the activities that you have to manage in you're everyday living, shouldn't your home be a harbor of serenity, beauty and comfort? Of course, but what if the place that you are calling a home is a drab place that makes living in Denver even more demanding? If this is you then you should consider painting the interior of your home. Interior painting is probably the least expensive (per square foot) home improvement project you can do. There are three types of paint used for interiors: flats, satins, and semi-gloss. Flats and satins are generally used in living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways. A word of caution, flat paints do not stand up well in high traffic areas and they do not clean up well if dirt or smudges appear. It is not recommended to use flats in high-moisture areas such as kitchens or bathrooms. Satins and semi-glosses work best in these areas. Satins have washability and semi-glosses have scrubability. A good choice for interiors is an acrylic blend, which is durable and provides the most service. With the right interior paint colors, you can turn everyday rooms into extraordinary spaces. Best Interior Painting Contractor With all the possibilities of paint, every room in the house can present its own unique atmosphere and charm. Color alone, whether subdued or attention-grabbing, can unify every element between the floor and ceiling. Creative applications, like the faux and strie methods, recreate everything from distressed plaster to marble to wood. Quality paint transforms everything from entryways, staircases, molding, and mantelpieces to window frames and interior walls. Interior painting ideas are anything but the standard, it can be quite nice to paint a room a new color, but you have many options to choose from. In fact, room painting ideas can be quite elaborate as well. Depending on what you would like the final result to be, you can create just the right back drop for your home. Let’s take a look at some painting ideas that you can use. Interior Home Painting Denver First, let’s start with a little information about that paint. Many people head to the store grab a gallon of base paint, get the color they want and call it done. But, the fact of the matter is that you have many choices out there. You should take a few minutes to find the right one for your home. For example, using a flat paint will make the job inexpensive, but it will wash off if you have to scrub crayon from it! Latex paints and semi gloss paints are a great choice. They also make specific types of paint for specific areas. Those for bathrooms and kitchens need to be water resistant. You’ll find bright colors that are easy to wash and maintain for children’s rooms and hallways. Room painting ideas don’t stop there either. You don’t have to just paint the room a solid color. You can make them a little more interesting as well. You can use techniques like rolling or ragging to get a completely different look. By blending two shades of a color, you can create depth in the room. You can even do strips and boarders as well. There is no doubt that there are hundreds of great room painting ideas out there. Interior Painting Denver Color Interior painting ideas should be fun and should be a beautiful element to the home. You can choose from thousands of colors and even many different textures as well. Take your time in choosing so that you find the right combination of color, texture, and design that fits with the room. It should add warmth and character to your room at the very least. You’ll love the options that you have. Enjoy picking out those that will make your room perfect! Dowd Restoration is experienced in all phases of painting the interior of your Denver Home. Give us a call today for a FREE estimate. 303-522-8730