Best Guide To Follow During Denver House Painting

Painting is the most popular finishing for houses. It is durable and very cost effective when compared to many other house finishing methods. Denver house painting requires the best techniques because the houses are exposed to constant weather changes and climate conditions.

The best guide to follow will be explained in this article. Start by:

Choosing paint color scheme

Colors relate closely to nature and the surrounding environment of your house. The paint color and finishing quality carries the beauty of the entire house.

The choice of the paint color you pick for your Denver house painting should contain a dominant color and a little of other colors that blend naturally with the dominant color.

Paint quantity

The quantity of paint to be used when finishing a house is very important in the area of cost. The approximate amount of paint you need can be determined by measuring the surface area to be painted. The quantity of paint required for a rough surface differs from the quantity needed for a smooth surface.

On a rough surface, you may exhaust 1 liter of paint on about 4 square meters of surface area, but a smooth wall surface may require you to use 1 liter of paint to cover 10 square meters of surface area.

You may require the help of a professional painter to guide you on estimating the paint quantity; this will save you a significant amount of money.

Preparing the surrounding and walls

This stage precedes the painting; there are a few things that may need to be temporarily removed from the base of the house walls. You should cover the flowers verse and pots that may not be easily moved, then go ahead to clean up the walls.

Painting on smooth walls can help save you some Denver house painting cost. You can achieve a smooth wall by flushing off mud and using scrappers.

Painting safety

When you begin the painting proper, there have to be very good considerations on safety. The aspect of working at heights must be specially given good attention. Ensure that you use a stable ladder and that you use a harness belt.

Dress up properly with at least a cloth which you may never use again, or proper coveralls. Use a nose mask and good hand gloves. It is also advised that you wear shoes to protect your feet from sharp objects.

Painting process

During the Denver house painting process, you should begin painting from the top area of the house walls. Painting from the top will help you avoid staining the freshly painted areas.

It is best also to begin painting the house from the sides where there is shade from direct sunlight. Then, as the sun moves around the house, you can progress in the same manner.

Reduce the risks of danger by carrying only a considerable amount of paint when you are working at heights. Always use proper paint brushes to get access to tight corners on the wall

Replace and arrange objects

After you have finished the painting process, you need to remove the plastic bag covers, clean the little paint dents around, and wash the paint off your working equipment.

The objects which were temporarily removed during the preparation phase has to be repositioned. Make sure that there is no painting tool or equipment left in the environment at this point.

If you follow this house painting guide, your house will have a great finishing!


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