Bathroom Remodeling Denver

Sometimes, all your house needs is a simple bathroom remodeling Denver to increase its market value. It’s more prudent to get professional help to prevent costly mistakes. Dowd Restoration can remodel your bathroom while preserving important details like historical ornamental plaster or original moldings. Complete the form on our website to get an estimate.

No matter how much or how well you clean your bathroom, the floors will inevitably become grimy and discoloured and fixtures will need repair. For bathroom remodeling Denver always hire an expert. You can try remodelling your bathroom yourself, but beware—going DIY can be quite expensive because you might make mistakes that cost a lot to correct. With a professional, your bathroom will be in good hands. Professional builders can even source items for you at a discount--like the tiles, fixtures, lighting, and more. When remodelling, you need to invest in these:

  • Quality toilet. You can save a lot of money in the long run when you choose a quality toilet that is less prone to damages or breakdowns.
  • Durable flooring. Choose flooring that will not crack easily due to change in temperature or will not easily date. Examples of good choices include marble, stone, and ceramic tiles.
  • Floor planning. There are many unused spaces in the bathroom. Make good use of spaces like the top of the toilet, under the sink, corners, etc.
  • Elegant fixtures. Block-ish cabinets aren’t only dull--they take up a lot of space, too. Opt for a graceful pedestal sink instead.

If you need help in bathroom remodeling Denver, contact Dowd Restoration. We are an accredited Member of the Denver Better Business Bureau as well as the PDCA. Aside from remodelling, Dowd Restoration can also help in tenant finish, interior and exterior paintings, and historic restoration.  Call 303-522-8730 for inquiries.

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